The Meaning Of Tarot Cards

A Tarot Card is a card commonly used for spiritual purposes or forecast of fate. Until now this card game is still popular, the Tarot cards are still used by the Mistisisme and Occult, as well as the lovers of Tarot cards around the world. Used to foretell or as a spiritual path. For those of you who want to do Psychic chat readings, you can visit our website and we will help you to predict what you want to know.

The tarot cards have a variety of different images and each picture has a different meaning. At this time, we’ll explain some of them:

– The Fool

Meaning: Innocence
You are not afraid of risk and try something new. You do that because you need to change. This is a spontaneous desire. The effect can be good or not.

– The Magician

Meaning: Creativity
You have the ability to solve problems, as long as you want to be creative and aware of the environment. The solution is in an unexpected place.

– The High Priestess

Meaning: Wise
Your figure is interesting and closed. Sharp intuition. Very useful when faced with problems.

– The Empress

Meaning: Prosperity
That means you will be close to a creative person. This card shows patience, security and peace. Unfortunately this card also means lazy to grow.

– The Emperor

Meaning: Power
Ambitious and likes to lead. But it means also ruled and stiff. It also often blames others.

– The Hierophant

Meaning: Simplicity
Wise and religious. But there is a self-injured side and unfinished problems. This card also shows you get a lot of attention from others.

– The Lover

Meaning: Healing
You are in a dilemma. A difficult choice in determining a lover or a conflict of principles in a relationship. And you tend to use feeling rather than logic.

– The Chariot

Meaning: Victory
Describes your self-control over desires. You become more courageous and responsible for the choices you make.

– Strength

Meaning: Courage
Your nature is stubborn and selfish. This card also means you should be able to control the resentment inside.

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