The Beginning of a Tarot Card

In the 15th to 17th centuries Tarot cards are used either for fortune telling or just for playing cards. Even now you can do Psychic readings by visiting our website. However, the actual Tarot Card was more often used as a medium to play cards in a relaxed time. There is a tarot playing technique known as Tarrochi, which we can tackle with the trump game. Tarot cards have also suffered several times but not too often.

In 1367 Tarot’s card was banned in the Bern area, Switzerland as it was considered a game created by demons to seduce and plunge humans. But since the Tarot Cards were hand-crafted and exclusively handed out to the nobility, the Tarot Card, in general, could be detached from religious erasers.

New Tarot cards are made bulk once the printing machine system gets known. The best-known design of the people is the Tarot de Marseilles Card made in about 1889. After the emergence of Tarot de Marseilles, it soon appeared various new card design variants. One of the most famous designs for its simplicity and beauty is the Waite-Rider card designed in 1909.

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