Brief History of Tarot Cards

Brief History of Tarot Cards

There is no definite clarity when the tarot card was first made. However, history records some events that marked the appearance of a Tarot card for the first time. There are various guesses about the origin of Tarot Cards. There is a mention that the Arkana Mayor tradition is an original tradition of the Celtic community in viewing the rite/life cycle. There is also a claim that the Tarot was brought to Europe from the Middle East through the mediation of the Gypsies. You can visit our website to get Tarot readings.



Some historians assume that the term Tarot is the opposite of Torah, the old Jewish scriptures. They claim that if the Torah / Torah is a fixed and written Word of God, then there is another hidden word of God that continues to flow in the destiny of man and of the universe. This belief is very strong in the Kabbalah tradition, one of the elements of the Jewish soul, which is roughly similar to Sufism or Gnosticism (Christian mysticism). The natural word is said to be revealed only by those who are clean and have wisdom and carefulness. Well, this Tarot Card is considered as a very accurate tool to uncover the divine secrets.

The set of cards has a row of stick cards, coins, swords, and saucers. The card was used only to play in spare time alone in Egypt. In Europe itself the term Tarot is a Frenchies purpose of the term Tarocchi, a form of card game tricks commonly played in Italy in the 14th century. Until now the Mediterranean European regions such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal people still use a similar set of cards for a playing card. Meanwhile, after the fall of the Mameluk dynasty, the Tarot type Card disappeared from Egyptian / Middle Eastern culture.

Based on historical records, the first Tarot Card was created around 1430 and 1450 in Northern Italy. They added a deck of Mameluk card game cards with a row of 22 carte da trionfi (trumps) containing allegorical pictures. The combination of these two types of cards makes it a complete set of Tarot Cards we know today. Unfortunately, the complete abandonment of this early Tarot Card is very limited (fragmentation). The oldest Tarot card design we can now know is the Visconti-Sforza Card, which was specially ordered by a Visconti royal family in Italy in 1451. The card was originally made as many as 15 sets, but now many of its decks have been lost, damaged, or live partly. Currently, the complete Visconti-Sforza Tarot Card has 74 card pieces from the original 78 cards.

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