How To Play Tarot

How To Play Tarot

Want to learn tarot? Open one card each day and master the meaning of each card. By mastering the meaning of each card you can read the general things you want to know. You can also visit our website to get Online psychic readings.

– Pulling one card is the easiest way to find the answer or solution to the problem you are looking for. All you do is shuffle the cards while thinking of questions. Then, spread the entire card on the table with the position upside down and form a semicircle. Drag a card using your left hand, pull out one card and look for the meaning.

– Spread two cards is used to answer questions in the form of a dilemma. You are faced with two different options and the same weight.

– The pull of three cards is used to know the three periods. In the past, present, and future. First, shake the card, then drag three cards one by one to represent the picture of the past, present, and future

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