Brief History of Tarot Cards

Brief History of Tarot Cards

There is no definite clarity when the tarot card was first made. However, history records some events that marked the appearance of a Tarot card for the first time. There are various guesses about the origin of Tarot Cards. There is a mention that the Arkana Mayor tradition is an original tradition of the Celtic community in viewing the rite/life cycle. There is also a claim that the Tarot was brought to Europe from the Middle East through the mediation of the Gypsies. You can visit our website to get Tarot readings.



Some historians assume that the term Tarot is the opposite of Torah, the old Jewish scriptures. They claim that if the Torah / Torah is a fixed and written Word of God, then there is another hidden word of God that continues to flow in the destiny of man and of the universe. This belief is very strong in the Kabbalah tradition, one of the elements of the Jewish soul, which is roughly similar to Sufism or Gnosticism (Christian mysticism). The natural word is said to be revealed only by those who are clean and have wisdom and carefulness. Well, this Tarot Card is considered as a very accurate tool to uncover the divine secrets.

The set of cards has a row of stick cards, coins, swords, and saucers. The card was used only to play in spare time alone in Egypt. In Europe itself the term Tarot is a Frenchies purpose of the term Tarocchi, a form of card game tricks commonly played in Italy in the 14th century. Until now the Mediterranean European regions such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal people still use a similar set of cards for a playing card. Meanwhile, after the fall of the Mameluk dynasty, the Tarot type Card disappeared from Egyptian / Middle Eastern culture.

Based on historical records, the first Tarot Card was created around 1430 and 1450 in Northern Italy. They added a deck of Mameluk card game cards with a row of 22 carte da trionfi (trumps) containing allegorical pictures. The combination of these two types of cards makes it a complete set of Tarot Cards we know today. Unfortunately, the complete abandonment of this early Tarot Card is very limited (fragmentation). The oldest Tarot card design we can now know is the Visconti-Sforza Card, which was specially ordered by a Visconti royal family in Italy in 1451. The card was originally made as many as 15 sets, but now many of its decks have been lost, damaged, or live partly. Currently, the complete Visconti-Sforza Tarot Card has 74 card pieces from the original 78 cards.

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The Meaning Of Tarot Cards

The Meaning Of Tarot Cards

A Tarot Card is a card commonly used for spiritual purposes or forecast of fate. Until now this card game is still popular, the Tarot cards are still used by the Mistisisme and Occult, as well as the lovers of Tarot cards around the world. Used to foretell or as a spiritual path. For those of you who want to do Psychic chat readings, you can visit our website and we will help you to predict what you want to know.

The tarot cards have a variety of different images and each picture has a different meaning. At this time, we’ll explain some of them:

– The Fool

Meaning: Innocence
You are not afraid of risk and try something new. You do that because you need to change. This is a spontaneous desire. The effect can be good or not.

– The Magician

Meaning: Creativity
You have the ability to solve problems, as long as you want to be creative and aware of the environment. The solution is in an unexpected place.

– The High Priestess

Meaning: Wise
Your figure is interesting and closed. Sharp intuition. Very useful when faced with problems.

– The Empress

Meaning: Prosperity
That means you will be close to a creative person. This card shows patience, security and peace. Unfortunately this card also means lazy to grow.

– The Emperor

Meaning: Power
Ambitious and likes to lead. But it means also ruled and stiff. It also often blames others.

– The Hierophant

Meaning: Simplicity
Wise and religious. But there is a self-injured side and unfinished problems. This card also shows you get a lot of attention from others.

– The Lover

Meaning: Healing
You are in a dilemma. A difficult choice in determining a lover or a conflict of principles in a relationship. And you tend to use feeling rather than logic.

– The Chariot

Meaning: Victory
Describes your self-control over desires. You become more courageous and responsible for the choices you make.

– Strength

Meaning: Courage
Your nature is stubborn and selfish. This card also means you should be able to control the resentment inside.

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How To Play Tarot

How To Play Tarot

Want to learn tarot? Open one card each day and master the meaning of each card. By mastering the meaning of each card you can read the general things you want to know. You can also visit our website to get Online psychic readings.

– Pulling one card is the easiest way to find the answer or solution to the problem you are looking for. All you do is shuffle the cards while thinking of questions. Then, spread the entire card on the table with the position upside down and form a semicircle. Drag a card using your left hand, pull out one card and look for the meaning.

– Spread two cards is used to answer questions in the form of a dilemma. You are faced with two different options and the same weight.

– The pull of three cards is used to know the three periods. In the past, present, and future. First, shake the card, then drag three cards one by one to represent the picture of the past, present, and future

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The Beginning of a Tarot Card

The Beginning of a Tarot Card

In the 15th to 17th centuries Tarot cards are used either for fortune telling or just for playing cards. Even now you can do Psychic readings by visiting our website. However, the actual Tarot Card was more often used as a medium to play cards in a relaxed time. There is a tarot playing technique known as Tarrochi, which we can tackle with the trump game. Tarot cards have also suffered several times but not too often.

In 1367 Tarot’s card was banned in the Bern area, Switzerland as it was considered a game created by demons to seduce and plunge humans. But since the Tarot Cards were hand-crafted and exclusively handed out to the nobility, the Tarot Card, in general, could be detached from religious erasers.

New Tarot cards are made bulk once the printing machine system gets known. The best-known design of the people is the Tarot de Marseilles Card made in about 1889. After the emergence of Tarot de Marseilles, it soon appeared various new card design variants. One of the most famous designs for its simplicity and beauty is the Waite-Rider card designed in 1909.

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